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The original concept behind Augmentric started in 2018, when the founder, Ely Santos, decided to leave a very promising IT career at worldwide companies such as J&J and MARS, in order to pursue his lifelong dream of having his own company.
Having started different companies and partnerships along the way, it all built up on the experience required to run an agency for B2B businesses.
After millions of dollars being made for several companies, we are here to share our marketing expertise with our clients and help them grow alongside us.
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Augmentric's made of experienced digital marketers with a deep knowledge with SEO. Their skills help us drive more targeted traffic which results in the right leads.

Matej, client of Augmentric Marketing
Matej R. Halstead 🇺🇸

Augmentric has been essential in the success of our software company. They have used strategies that were so fresh, the prospects just couldn't say no.

Michael, client of Augmentric Marketing
Michael F. SWR 🇺🇸

They are very responsible and reliable. They have a very good strategic vision and embraces your business as if it were their own. They're always looking for new ideas.

Gabriela, client of Augmentric Marketing
Gabriela A. Enciende 🇪🇸

These guys have incredible proactivity and intelligence outside the curve. It was an excellent experience. They brought great results for my company.

Saulo, client of Augmentric Marketing
Saulo F. 2S 🇧🇷